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Luna County

700 S. Silver Ave , Deming , NM, 88030, US

Vendor Information Form

County of Luna, Deming New Mexico

700 South Silver

PO Box 551

Deming, NM 88031


The county of Luna as a Governmental Agency is EXEMPT from Gross Receipts Tax EXCEPT on Labor, Professional Services, Construction Material and Road Construction Material

Regulations require we obtain a Federal identification Number (TIN) or a Social Security Number from our Vendors or any other Payee in order to determine whether we need to prepare a 1099-MISC form at the end of each calendar year.  To maintain compliance and current information, we periodically verify the information in our records as well as adding New Vendors to our files.  If your business is a Partnership or Sole Proprietor, please include your name AND the name of your business (DBA).  Please legibly complete and return the applicable information on the above form and attach a Business Card or Letterhead for clarity.


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Please fill out a W-9 and attach below. You can find the form here:

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